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Controversial Sledge Cricket Clips, Facts

Watch videos of the murkier aspects of on-field confrontations and fights. Lots of sledging and controversial video moments here. It’s a wonder how no player has physically assaulted another player on the field. Some of them come close here – all good fun though. Choose the video you want to watch and read more facts about. Recommended for those who prefer a good bark over a bite:

It also includes Yuvraj's humorous response
Yuvraj and Pietersen exchange words during the Mohali test 2008
Haddin has a go at Zaheer who goes berserk over the stump mike
Gambhir elbows Watson. Video includes other sledging moments vs Aussies

During the 3rd test of the 2008 series

Sreesanth at it and gets the wicket of De Villiers
Sreesanth drops a catch off Bhajji's bowling who loses it and the tiff rages on over the next few overs. A music video of the entire incident...

The Indian pace bowler has paid almost as many visits to the match referee as he has to pilgrim centres and temples.

Two of Australia's best have a go at each other

This occurred during the CB tri series in Australia ....

A great contest - Kp vs Warne. Here's a heated exchange from one such contest...

Good duel between the premier pace bowlers of the two teams, with Zaheer coming out on top on this occasion…

Yuvraj is always ready if someone’s looking for trouble. Here he jostles with Umar Gul while trying to keep out of the prying law’s eyes …..

Laxman played Warne better than anyone else in the 2001 series. Here’s a heated moment between the two …

Michael Slater grasses Rahul Dravid’s catch during the 2001 India Australia test series and then launches into a verbal assault ….

Virender Sehwag’s game is such that it usually involves half chances for bowlers and lots of frustration. Here’s one example with Freddie Flintoff going nuts ….

After being at the receiving end of some audacious cricket shots, Gough gives it to Ganguly after bowling him ….

Harbhajan has had his run ins from the time he stepped onto a cricket field. Here he sledges his favourite opposition team – Australia

Captain Hussain has a go at former English cricketers after he scores a century against India during the Natwest Trophy…