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After 12 continuous wins, Pakistan ended up with the worst ever defeat (runs margin-140 runs) versus India. Sehwag (89 off 76) and Gambhir (62 off 62) continued their IPL Delhi Daredevils partnership while Yuvraj Singh returned to ODI cricket with a glorious (need that be said) 55. Yusuf Pathan and Rohit Sharma couldn't repeat their IPL stuff. Eventual target by India - 330 with chip-ins by Dhoni (24) and Raina (26). Pakistan only briefly threatened through Kamran Akmal (38 classsy runs) and Misbah (24) while Shoaib Malik got himself to a meaningless 53. In the middle of all this was a super catch by Rohit Sharma and Praveen Kumar who had four 4's hit off one over but also got 4 wickets. And ya, there was that recall of Sehwag after replays showed Akmal's catch was a spilt one.

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