India vs Sri Lanka Highlights 1st Test Day 2


The cricket highlights here pick up a little midway through Day 2 of the 1st Test between India and Sri Lanka (2008 Tour of Sri Lanka) with Mahela and Samaraweera batting. A grinding day for Indian bowlers and captain Anil Kumble who saw two catches (Jayawardene) dropped by Dinesh Kartik off his bowling. But what was hilarious to me and which you too should look out for is the mastermind behind India's failure to win the 2003-2004 Test Series vs Australia - Parthiv Patel - sitting on the boundary ropes bemused smile and all. The audacity of it all. Though a chancy innings, personally I didn't mind watching one of my favourite batsmen, Jayawardene eke out 136 runs in the company of Samaraweera (111 n.o.)

The day also saw a number of referrals being made with a flushed umpire Mark Benson cringing into the salivating cameras each time. One of them - Dilshan was given caught behind by Benson, a decision referred by Dilshan which came back not out. Initial replays clearly indicated a sound before the bat hit the ground but watch or rather listen to Arun Lal fuddle around while trying to frame an opinion. Interestingly, a snicko replay that became available well after the moment had passed (if technology is not around to use it at the given moment how can you use it) showed Dilshan was indeed out. Anyhow, only the Indian batsmen can wheedle out a draw from this one.

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