India vs Sri Lanka Highlights 3rd Test Day 3

Watch cricket highlights from the 3rd day of the final test - India vs Sri Lanka. The video kicks off from Kumar Sangakkara's dismissal on 144 and briefly dwells on the tough 1st session today for the Indians in the field. Sehwag and Gambhir then walked in with a nervy 147 runs to wipe off as first priority. As usual, they dumped 60 odd of those runs in around 11 overs before both got out in quick succession. Rahul Dravid walked in with the whispers growing into smug snides that this was the innings that prolonged or ended his career. And so did Sourav Ganguly. Of the two, Dravid looked like he wanted to score right from the start - in fact it was a step forward from his 2nd innings performance last test. Ganguly on the other hand was disappointing - after stepping out to hit Murali for a clean six, it was incomprehensible why he pottered around eventually going LBW. But before all that, he'd almost hung Dravid into the desert for the vultures when he sent him back after calling him almost three quarters the way down. Sachin Tendulkar who was off the field following his elbow injury, didn't seem in shape cos Parthiv Patel came in ahead of him. Several LBW shouts later, he too was gone leaving a hobbling VVS Laxman to come in with runner Gambhir and play out the rest of the day. So at the end of Day 3, India - lead by 14 runs - Dravid (46) and Laxman (17) looking to build one of their famous partnerships through some part of Day 4. Well I hope they do, for Laxman's sake. For some reason, he always is the axe's first choice.

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