Sri Lanka Win 3rd Test & Series vs India on Day 4

While VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid were going during the morning session of Day 4 of the 3rd Test, India harboured hopes of another Laxman-Dravid special that could possibly win them the Test and the Series. It was enthralling Test cricket in the 1st session with the two keeping out Mendis and Muralitharan until Dravid eventually fell to Mendis for 68. From thereon Harbhajan Singh did contribute (26) but the eventual target of 122 just wasn't intimidating enough - Laxman not out on 61. India had a relatively poorer day with the reviews yet again as can be seen from this video. A potentially comical situation with 4 Indians (2 runners, 2 batsmen) on the field when Ishanth Sharma came in didn't unravel cos Ishanth was claimed by Warnapura for the 2nd time off his grill (which according to the law is not out). Though India did get a couple of breakthroughs, Mahela Jayawardene in the company of Warnapura (lucky to survive a couple of close appeals) took it easy to start with before eating into the target towards the end. With Anil Kumble not really producing the stuff he usually does and Ishanth Sharma out injured, an Indian win was never a realistic possibility, though when LBW appeals were going all over the place during the initial phase of the Lankan chase, things did look a little different.

The review system in hindsight is a good idea but what this series has shown is that unless LBW referrals are restricted to queries about inside edges and whether the ball pitched outside leg, you can have a test series where the Review system seems to work for one team and not for the other. Why this imbalance happens is based on the current LBW reviews where the 3rd Umpire is called in for TV-provided info. A decision of Not Out now comes up against the ego of the on field umpire before it can be changed to Out (Samaraweera in the 1st innings). This can also cause an Umpire to rule marginal LBWs out and then refuse to change them after a review if no bat or pitched-outside is involved (Anil Kumble today). And it's not infallible as proved in the 1st Test when Dilshan (on 1) who was given out, then reviewed it, and was ruled not out going on to score a century when snicko later showed he was indeed out.

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