Usain Bolt 200m Video World Record At Olympics 19.30 seconds


Watch Jamaica’s Usain Bolt breaking Michael Johnsons world record by 0.02 secs in the 200 m final at the Beijing Olympics. I couldn’t resist putting this up here though it’s non-cricketing. I’m even tempted to ring in a cricket connection – Jamaican Usain Bolt’s first love was cricket and he was more keen on being a fast bowler for the West Indies rather than a track and field sensation. This video includes the build up to the race, Usain’s famed teasers prior to the start of the race. Watch him steam ahead of the rest who included the current 4 fastest men in 200m. More sensational than him breaking the world record is the fact that he came in 0.52 seconds ahead of the next best. There’s also an Usain Bolt special jig right at the end followed by his archer/slinging move. Imsayin, usayin, hesinsane.

Watch the Jamaicans smash the 4x100m relay here