India vs Australia 2nd Test Highlights Day 1 Cricket

Watch cricket highlights from the first day of the 2nd Test - Australia vs India - played at Mohali on 17th October.

Watch a detailed video of Sachin Tendulkar breaking Lara's World Record and an Interview here

Main highlights: Sachin Tendulkar breaks Lara’s world record, Virender Sehwag and Gautham Gambhir give India a good start, Rahul Dravid looks cool and then gets out, Tendulkar scores a calm 88 along the way going past 12000 test cricket runs and fifty test fifties, Ganguly strokes some beautiful offside shots and then retreats into quietude while also going past 7000 runs.

With the start India got and the general opinion that this was a batting wicket, losing 3 quick wickets after lunch must have given the Indian batting lineup a sense of underachievement. But Tendulkar and Ganguly pulled out a steadying partnership – Sachin would have these patches with a flurry of boundaries and then again play out a phase of singles and twos – maybe not the best domineering innings he’s played, but a very crucial knock for the state of the game.

Gambhir got out once again after getting a fifty. Though in the past he could be faulted for getting a little anxious for an elusive test hundred, today, it wasn’t really the case – with Gautham launching into spectacular cover drives, Ponting put out some extra cover after lunch and Gambhir with his scoring down soon was sucked out. But before that, he had the guts to take on Clarke when he came on just before lunch. Very few do that nowadays.

Right at the start of this video, I’ve put a bit of Dhoni at the toss – when asked about the Fab Four he had a couple of things to say. I agree that in a team all are equals – but Captain Dhoni, it’s time you realize some are more equal than others (like you). And deservedly. So chill and wait for the day when you can lord over the Joginder Sharma types.

Pre-Match: Peter Siddle looks certain to replace Stuart Clark, while the Indian media wishes Kumble doesn't play this test. Well, their wish has come good with Kumble out for this test and MS Dhoni at the helm. On the 4th day of the 1st test, everyone was going ga-ga over Dhoni's captaincy and I'd thought about the possible irony of the Indian middle order coming good with Kumble out of the Mohali test and the credit in case of a win going to Dhoni. Well, at this point, the toss has been won by India and it remains to be seen how the middle order and the test goes.

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