Stanford T20-20 Final Highlights England vs Stanford Superstars Super Series Cricket

England Batting (or rather Stanford Superstars Bowling)

Superstars Batting
Watch Stanford Superstars vs England: the 20-20 Final highlights of the Stanford Super Series 2008 played on November 1, 2008. 20 million dollars won by the Stanford Superstars as they walloped England.

England won the toss and Pietersen opted to bat. The Superstars bowling was characterized by the number of bowled-dismissals - 6. The difference between the winner and loser of this game was the approach - England started out conservatively looking to earn 20 million while Stanford, while playing good cricket took their chances - Chris Gayle was brilliant as captain ringing in good bowling changes and then knocking the wind out of the English bowling later on - 65 (45). Though the Superstars had a nervy beginning, it was Fletcher who kickstarted the attack. He ended on 32 (31) and Stanford won without losing any wickets chasing down 100 in 12.4 overs.

Fantastic sights right at the end as the emotion of winning 20 million dollars sinks in - incidentally, this is the highest prize money awarded in the history of sport for a game involving one day's work.