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India Batting

UPDATE: Watch KP's Hundred from this game

Watch cricket highlights from the Cuttack One Day game - England vs India - played on 26th November, 2008. This is the 5th ODI and is a Day/Night fixture.

India won this game and it's 5-0 now.

Scoreline: England (put in): 270. Kevin Pietersen 111. Owais Shah 66.
India 273/4 (43.4). Virender Sehwag: 91 (73). Sachin Tendulkar 50. Suresh Raina 53
MS Dhoni 50.

England, while they ended with a fairly decent total, were puzzling yet again. Cook in place of Bell? Cook taking Owais Shah’s spot at the top. But then I suppose with Cook, you think of the batting position of least liability and play him there. And to think, this guy was goomed as a school kid for future England captaincy.

Kevin Pietersen was streaky to start with but played all those titillating KP shots – however he did let the spinners wrap him for a while. Owais Shah gave the innings a kick-start a little later, after Collingwood had played pretty cool.

The Tendulkar-Sehwag show was typical (of recent times), with Sehwag doing most of the attacking while Sachin sat back, handed over the strike, while playing a cool shot here and a stunning shot there. Ever since Virender Sehwag came back into the Indian team in Jan 2007 for the Australia tour, there hasn’t been a single phase (of even a few matches) where he’s looked anything but the Butcher. That’s was pretty much the scene today, including 21 runs off Swann’s first over.

Dhoni and Raina played the middle-order-see-the-team-through thing they both often do, while Yuvraj’s most exciting moment was when he raised a 5 after the match ahd been won.

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