New Zealand vs India 2nd T20-20 Highlights 2009

India Batting

NZ Chase

Watch cricket highlights - NZ vs India - 2nd 20/20 highlights played at Wellington on Feb 27, 2009.

Scores: India 149, Yuvraj Singh 50. New Zealand chase goes to the last ball. Brendon McCullum 69

India tried to rectify their mistakes from game 1, but fell away yet again. The only reason it wasn't embarrassing was because of Yuvraj Singh's knock played in his natural fashion off 34 deliveries. There were a few shots here and there after a short Sehwag blitzkrieg, but a lowish total against this Kiwi side.

The game swung India's way with spin and an Irfan Pathan 18th over. However the scary prospect of Brendon being not out in a Kiwi loss was brushed away with timely hits.

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